4 Feng Shui Tips to get your Finances Flowing Freely

Feng-shui is a great way to keep positive energy moving within your home, and you can make changes within your household to target each specific flows of energy. It’s also just a great excuse to give your home or room a welcome spruce and keep it looking light and fresh!

Whilst feng shui is a great way to encourage wealth and positive energy into your life it can only support your own hard-work and proactivity in achieving wealth.

The first step to helping your feng shui finances flow, is by identifying where your strongest money or ‘wealth area’ is located within your home. There are two schools of feng shui, and each one regards a different part of the home as the wealth area.

In the traditional school of feng shui the wealth area is understood to be in the south east corner of your home and in the Western school of feng shui, the wealth area is considered the upper left area from your front door facing in. You can pick either one of these wealth areas depending on which area is most convenient for you to decorate with feng shui.

An aquarium with a fish inside it 1-Water

In all cultures, water symbolises abundance and is considered a powerful element of feng shui to attract and encourage wealth into your life. You could place a gentle flowing water fountain or a small fish tank in your best wealth area (either inside or outside.) It is not usually advised to place any in your bedroom as this is considered bad chi.

A pot with flowers 2 - Plants

Plants generally signify growth and abundant wealth and are thought to bring good chi to your finances, enabling them to ‘grow’. Try placing healthy, good looking plants in your wealth area to invite the wonderful energy of nature and fortune into your home. It doesn’t matter what plant you choose, so long as it is plush and placed in a sturdy and attractive vase.

A mop inside a bucket and some dirt next to it that needs to be cleaned 3-De-Clutter

In any healthy work space, it’s important to have a clean, clutter-free environment to work in. Most people find that when their main area of work is clear and tidy, they are able to focus and conduct good business. Some of the most successful and efficient workers keep their office space separate from their bedroom and other areas of the home, so if you can isolate your office space whilst making sure it is set up in your strongest wealth area, do so! If this is not possible, just be sure to take care of all the space around you by keeping everything dust and clutter-free. Remember that a cluttered environment often also results in a cluttered mind and what you want to encourage is a well-structured and healthy financial life.

A painter's palette with 4 paints 4-Colour

Wood is the element that symbolises wealth so the colour brown, which symbolises keeping grounded, green which represents growth, and some shades of blue, which signifies flow, are all very important colours to have in your wealth area. Another great colour to consider having in your wealth area is purple. It symbolises spirituality, regality and wealth. You can put paintings with the colour purple in them, pillows, rugs and any other appropriate items that are purple, around your home.

Two rectangular shapes on top of each other at a 45 degree angle forming a shape of starWork on yourself!

How do you usually handle your finances? Are you generally quite disorganised and shy away from structure and balance in your life? Perhaps you’re fond of payday loans when you’re struggling to make your pay check stretch, but are you clued up on how to use payday loans? Do you make a conscious effort to pay your bills on time, and work proactively to ensure that you can do so?

An image of a piggy bankPreparing your home for good feng shui is a great way to start making subtle changes to your finances and in your life, however you can only begin to see real changes in your finances once you start implementing healthy spending and saving techniques that enable REAL change to occur. Once you start doing this, your newly spruced home with its free flowing energy can be left to do the rest!

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