Student Budgeting: Smart Food Buys

Food Budgeting

A common concept that haunts the student stereotype is takeout galore which can be easy to enjoy but could end up costing you a leg or two. We suggest:

Plan in advance what you want to cook for the week.

Use this as a guide to buy the things you actually need within the supermarket and to budget in roughly how much you spend in a month on food. Research recipes, choose what you want to make what day and plan accordingly. You can use websites like All our healthy recipes or Healthy student meal recipes.

Loyalty card

I can’t say this enough, but your best friends at these supermarkets are not your friends that you go with, but the loyalty cards and club cards. They always have offers on for the week which are sent out to you via email or letter for you to use. Try and plan your meals around the discounts they are offering to get the best out of the offers.

Buy in bulk

Buy in bulk (freeze if needed) and cook in batches as well – not only is this money efficient but also time saving.

  • Look at the free days you have within the week and schedule in time for a big supermarket shop and to meal prep or cook.
  • Let’s revisit the statement of loyalty cards and club cards being your best friend. Sometimes the friends you shop or live with are your best friends because you can buy in bulk or purchase the family packs.

Own brand food

Buying the supermarkets’ own products – most times you cannot tell the difference!

Plan in advance

If you’re planning to do a big social or party, which lets face it university students do party, budget in the cost and make smart choices like getting big sharing bags for snacks or family sized items so you can save while you shop. If you need more information on hosting and saving check out our earlier blog on Summer Savers: Budget BBQs.

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